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Cradle of the stars

Nathan Dukes, 2019

Dove Lake, Tasmania, Australia

Fujifilm X-T2, 19mm, F5, ISO800, 8s

Having not done too much astrophotography, shooting this location was just a fun experiment that yielded results.


During my time exploring Lake St Clair & Cradle Mountain National Park, a ranger mentioned the stars would be particularly impressive that evening. Sure enough, as I was walking back to the car, a number of photographers had gathered at the edge of Dove Lake with their cameras pointing high.

Joining them, I learned astrophotography on the fly. The result was this image of Cradle Mountain, lit at blue hour by the setting sun and a galaxy of stars.

dove lake cradle mountain tasmania australia blue hour sihouette astrophotography landscape photography by nathan dukes art

2020 Nathan Dukes

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