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Downpatrick Head

Nathan Dukes, 2018

County Mayo, Ireland

Fujifilm X-T2

I was lucky enough to visit Downpatrick Head in County Mayo during a road trip down the west coast of Ireland from Antrim in the north to Galway in summer 2018.

Downpatrick Head is a steep and treacherous stretch of coastline facing into the North Atlantic. Safety signs are your first clue the ground beneath you is unstable. The second is the Dun Briste Sea Stack.

The solemn wedding cake-shaped rock stands isolated from the greater headline, a reminder of the changing landscape and how far you might fall should you venture too close to the edge.

A took this photograph from the precipice with a wide angle lens to capture the wild blooming flowers and a full view of the lonely sea stack.

A 30 second exposure helped capture the white wash of waves crashing at it’s base and the swift movement of the clouds as the sun set on my right.  

Dramatic purple sunset at Downpatrick Head County Mayo Ireland landscape photography by Nathan Dukes Art

2020 Nathan Dukes

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