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Giants Causeway Sunset

Nathan Dukes, 2018

Antrim, Northern Ireland

Fujifilm X-T2, 24mm, F10, ISO400, 1/2s

For somewhere as incredible as The Giant’s Causeway, I found it quite hard to photograph. The area has such natural beauty, everything around you competes for your attention.

The steep cliffs give way to the mystifying hexagonal rocks, all neatly arranged in a perfect pattern from the base of the cliffs to the sea like natural stairs.

It’s difficult to put on blinders and focus your attention on just one thing, and it took two visits on consecutive nights in summer 2018 for me to find at image I was satisfied with.

Working quickly at sunset, I was able to capture the turgid waves crashing against the tessellated rocks, and used a graduated filter that gives a purple cast to add colour and drama to the scene.


Purple sunset over giants causeway rock fomation in northern ireland long exposure landscape photography by nahan dukes art

2020 Nathan Dukes

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