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Harbour Bridge Purple Sunset

Nathan Dukes, 2017

Sydney, Australia

Fujifilm X-T2

As the storm passed through Sydney I knew my chances of a clear sunset we’re dashed, but I stayed in Mary Booth Reserve anyway in the hope something interesting might happen.


In all photography, and particularly evenings like this, you’re as likely to walk away with nothing as you are something spectacular. It’s the explorers equivalent to fishing.

As the sun set, it filtered through a small opening underneath the heavy clouds, resulting in a bright light directly behind the bridge surrounded by darkness.

I used a 10-stop Nisi filter to stretch the movement of the clouds, and a graduated filter to balance the bright skies. I'd usually remove the purple tint that comes with the grad filter, but it was left in for creative purposes to add drama to the scene.

Sydney Harbour Bridge purple sunset dramatic long exposure landscape photography by Nathan Dukes Art

2020 Nathan Dukes

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