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New York Subway train NYC street photography black and white by Nathan Dukes Art

New York Subway

Nathan Dukes, 2016

New York City, United States of America

Nikon D3300, 40mm, F5, ISO100, 1/5s

In summer 2016 I made a trip to New York City with my partner. I was constantly trying to find new ways of presenting the iconic buildings and places you come to see on television. Be it an interesting angle or a new technique.

I became fascinated with the subway, and there was a lot to love. Its presence in popular culture. Its ubiquity with NYC. The steaming grates on the street. The rattle, the smell, and the blast of hot air.


2020 Nathan Dukes

First and foremost it was about the frenetic energy it gave the city. Like arteries beneath the skin, carrying the lifeblood of the city.


I wanted to capture that energy and movement, so tried following the train with the camera as it rattled into the platform. I made dozens of attempts, adjusting the shutter speed to get the balance right. The results speak for themselves. Converted to black and white in post-processing for a timeless look.

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