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PANO Awards Bronze!

At the end of last month, the results of the EPSON International Pano Awards for 2019 we’re released, and I’m proud to share with you some good news. I entered two images in the competition, and both received Bronze Award status.

The competition is a showcase of panoramic images, and is a great opportunity for some international exposure.

The photos I entered were my panoramic image “Lofoten Sunset” of wild cotton and dramatic cliffs under the yellow midnight sun of Northern Norway, and “Wineglass Bay Sunrise”, a stitched panoramic image of sunrise over Wineglass Bay in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park from the summit of Mount Amos.

To receive this classification for an international award is really special, considering I was one of 1300 photographers who entered almost 5000 photographs. The collection of winners includes some truly special images from locations around the world I’m already marking for future trips.

Not only is it nice to be recognised, but it gives me some room for improvement - I’ll be targeting the silver award status for next year, with the hope of Gold, Top 50 (or winning!) in the future.

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