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Segla Midnight

Nathan Dukes, 2017

Senja Island, Norway

Fujifilm X-T2, 24mm, F8, ISO200, 1/15s

It was our last opportunity to get into the mountains of Northern Norway to photograph the midnight sun, and Senja was covered in grey soup. Stupidly, we had saved the best midnight hike until last: a lookout near the incredible Segla mountain.


With little hope of success we scrambled high into the mist. The blanket thinned more and more, until we reached a ridge with clear air. I got my bearings and wheeled around. There was Selga: looming high above us. A giant spire reaching straight into the sky. This whole time we didn’t even know we were close enough to touch it.


There we sat, floating in the clouds above the misty wilderness. From this angle the peak didn’t look real. What we could see was barely a fraction of the whole mountain, like an iceberg bobbing in a grey sea. My Fuji F4 10-24mm was just long enough to capture the incredible detail of the mountain, but keep the peak isolated amongst the clouds and distant ranges. The sunset gave me some beautiful pinks and purple tones in the clouds and horizon.


Segla Mountain sunset photography Senja Norway pink sky by Nathan Dukes Art

2020 Nathan Dukes

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