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Torre Giralda

Nathan Dukes, 2017

Sevilla, Spain

Fujifilm X-T2, 13mm, F9, ISO250, 1/125s

The Torre Giralda Built was built as a minaret for a mosque in 1184 during the Moorish period, before it was later converted to a bell tower in 1248 following the Reconquista of Spain by the Catholic Monarchs.


What is left behind is is the symbol of Sevilla, and Andalusia as a whole. The incredible clash of architectural styles - one half Arabic, the other Roman Catholic - combine to create an entirely new style, and one that is now representative of the region and it’s cultural melting pot.


Framed by the orange trees in the Patio de los Naranjos, the spire of the Torre Giralda reaches to the blue heavens.

Torre Giralda Seville Sevilla church tower Seville Cathedral Catedral de Sevilla orange grove photography travel adventure by Nathan Dukes Art
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2020 Nathan Dukes

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