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Nathan Dukes, 2017

Aurlandsfjord, Norway

Fujifilm X-T2, 15mm, F9, ISO250, 3s

These days Norway is cut with tunnels like swiss cheese. The convenience cannot be overstated: This part of the world is incredibly remote, and rarely is it easy to navigate. Cutting your travel time in half is often worth the sacrifice of driving through the endless, claustrophobic tunnels.


The flip-side is that the B-Roads are often empty and, being Fjord Norway, the opportunities for incredible landscapes are endless. I found the beautiful waterfall of Flotvatnet on the Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route. This drive was superseded in the year 2000 by the Lærdal Tunnel, which at 24.5km is currently the longest road tunnel in the world. The tourist route can be impassable in winter, when 20 feet of snow buries the landscape in a dense white blanket.


Even during the height of summer, a patchwork of snow still lingers across the landscape. The air is cool enough to see your own breath. I love how the framing lets your eyes meander down the icy stream, leading you to the placid blue lake fed by the incredible waterfall. The sun barely had the strength to thaw the morning dew from the grass and clover.


One of my favourite photographs from my 2017 journey across Norway.

Flotvatnet lake Norway with stream and waterfall long exposure landscape photography by Nathan Dukes Art

2020 Nathan Dukes

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