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Sydney from the Sky: Aerial Photography

Sydney’s status as a global city is based around the harbour, and from the air it's a treasure to behold. It's a beautiful turquoise frame for the best things Sydney offers to travellers: beaches, park lands, the Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House.

Hovering high above there’s endless sandy coves, green fingers of land and luxury homes. Roads stretch like arteries in every direction. It's a playground for aerial photography. The bridge and the opera house become cameos in the larger beautiful whole.

After a loop around the city we head east. Ships bob like toys in the bathtub, ready to be yanked from the water or capsized like child’s-play. The scale of the world is all wrong. It’s easy to feel small in a big city, but at 300 metres I’m a giant. I feel empowered.

Hornby Lighthouse, South Head Sydney
Hornby Lighthouse, South Head Sydney. Picture: Nathan Dukes

Nielsen Park Sydney aerial photograph
The beautiful Nielsen Park. Picture: Nathan Dukes

Yachts idle from the jetties of multi-million-dollar homes, each mansion leaning against the water as if jostling for the best views. Colourful umbrellas dot the scorched yellow sand of the beautiful harbour beaches. Through Sydney Heads we’re treated to the golden sandstone cliffs of Dover Heights. The infamous “Gap” the only break in a 6-mile stretch of rock, slowly being eroded by the pounding Pacific Ocean.

A quiet cove in Sydney Harbour
Multi-million dollar homes lean against the water. Picture: Nathan Dukes

Dover Heights Sydney houses
Clifftop homes in Dover Heights, Sydney. Picture: Nathan Dukes

Bondi Beach appears into view: the symbol of summer. Thousands line her shore like lemmings, while thousands more cool off in the turquoise water.

You need not fly over the city in a helicopter to experience the best of Sydney, but you're certainly given a new and unique perspective on what Sydney has to offer.

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